2016 Street Repair and Repaving Project

Pre project (Riverside Drive)

Post project (Riverside Drive)

The 2014 Transportation Bond included $5.2 million dollars for the rehabilitation and repaving portions of 84 City streets, totaling about 14 miles. The first phase of this work was completed in 2015.

The 2016 Street Repair and Repaving Project is the second phase of this work, and was completed in August 2016 with a total project cost of $1,806,614. The work included the rehabilitation, repair and repaving of approximately 3.8 miles of City streets around the community. The project included major rehabilitation work to Wallace Road in northwest McMinnville, and Riverside Drive in northeast McMinnville. As part of the improvements, 118 accessible curb ramps were installed. The streets completed represent approximately 27% of the repair and repaving work that will be completed as part of the bond funded improvements. The remaining work will occur over the next two summers.

Click here to view the project summary map, showing the locations of the 2016 projects.

Pre project (Wallace Road)

Post project (Wallace Road)


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